Nala Raajje artist
Artist and engineer, Ali Shimhaq is a digital artist based in Maldives, from Addu atoll Feydhoo. Self- taught with no formal education in art, he enjoys studying different digital art techniques. With a variety of artworks under different subject matter, his main sources of inspiration come from nature and space. His creativity is best seen in fantasy art and in the illustration of animals. Having artistic inclinations from a young age, Shimhaq views art as a form of expressing one’s thoughts that often cannot be translated to words. He is the first artist to become associated with ARO, having produced art for three labels of the Nala Raajje Series of the brand.
Nala Raajje song producer
Detune band has been captivating audiences in the Maldives for over a decade, evolving over the years to bring the most trendy songs to the dance floor. All five members are polished performers and masters of their instruments, certified by the Berkley college of Music USA. Fronted by Fezu and Fuji, their vocals set the tone and steer the performance while Faathi’s guitar solos intoxicate the audience, letting Ayya’s bass grove into Ammadey’s fresh drumbeats. Their trendsetting ability can be heard in the hits they produced for their first ever album ‘ONE DOWN’ and the subsequent hits that followed. The ARO Nala Raajje soundtrack was an original production of this talented band.
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