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Nala Raajje

The most beautiful and majestic, the paradise of the paradise, the heaven on earth, our Nala Nala Raajje!

Imagine sailing on a sea of serene smooth water, with a cool breeze blowing through your hair. You savor the taste of sea salt on your lips, as the sun’s rays embrace every part of your skin. You are surrounded by shimmering blue waters with a clear horizon etched neatly into the clear blue skies.

Imagine stepping on an island, where your first instinct is to go barefoot, to pensively indulge your toes in the fine white sand. You take a deep breath and listen to the melodious songs of the birds in the distance. You hear the tall palm trees swaying to the tune of a fresh crispy breeze. Listening to the waves rolling on the magnificent island’s shores becomes hypnotizing. 

You dive into the ethereal turquoise water, so clear and crystalline that you wonder whether you're in a dream.  The fondling sunshine, the soothing breeze, the serenading sounds, everything is magical and surreal.

Behold, its your dream come true, it’s the beautiful Maldives! A treat for the senses. The heaven on earth, the paradise of the paradises. The most exquisite and majestic. This is our Nala Raajje!

Nala Raajje is the first series of ARO bottled water, released in the year 2022. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the tiny archipelago, the Nala Raajje series shows all aspects that make the Maldives “the Sunny Side of Life”. The three designs of the series together will showcase the “Maldives in a bottle!”




Moodhu design is inspired by the azure waters and the breathtaking underwater world of the Maldives.

featured in the artwork are



This graceful beauty is found in various dive sites across the Maldives including, Hanifaru Bay, Lankan Manta Point and Sola Corner.


Whale Shark

Amongst the various whale shark points around the globe, Ari Atoll Whale Shark Point is a famous spot to swim with sharks all year round.



This magnificent sea mollusk is found in deep waters across the Maldives and is known for its mysterious beauty.


Flying fish

If you are cruising the waters on a sunny day, you may spot these gliding alongside your boat.



With its unique craftsmanship passed down through generations, the Maldivian sea vessel “Dhoani” is truly one of a kind.


White Sand


Dhonveli design features the pure white sandy beaches and the natural exotic beauty of the islands.

featured in the artwork are


Palm Trees

From its fruit to trunk to leaves, each single part of Maldivian palm trees is used for different purposes and is a major part of the Maldivian culture and cuisine.


Grey Heron

Often seen in almost all islands and portrayed in Maldivian folklore as a trickster, Dhivehi Makana can be found strolling the beaches, perched like statues, or just flying around the water’s edge to hunt fishes!


Triton Shell

It is nearly impossible to find this rare shell these days and is listed as a protected species, making it one of the most expensive shells around the world.


North-East Monsoon


The Maldives is sunny year-round, with temperatures rarely falling below 25 degrees Celsius. The “Iruvai” label is inspired by the sunny tropical life of the Maldives and features elements of “Iruvai”, the hot and dry monsoon in the Maldives

featured in the artwork are


Dragon Fly

Different species of this beautiful insect can be seen flying around the islands during the iruvai monsoon and catching them using handmade poles made of palm frond stems is one of the most enjoyed activities among locals.



Featured in this beautiful canvas are bougainvillea, hibiscus, and temple flower which bloom beautifully during the Iruvai monsoon. The tropical weather of the Maldives further exuberates the spectacular colors and vibrance of these floral species.

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Surfing is one of the most enjoyed sports by both locals and tourists throughout the two monsoons. During the iruvai monsoon, southern surf atolls boast the best surfing points capturing both southwest and southeast swell.

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